I have the best mama in the whole world.  No, this isn't a biased statement.  In the words of one my favorite songs, 'Baby, it's fact.'  I know that everyone thinks that their mom is the greatest, but mine definitely takes the cake on this one :)

  1. My mama is better than Cinderella or any other Disney princess for that matter.  No, the cute woodland animals don't sing while she's doing the dishes or anything, but she is every bit as beautiful and full of grace as they are.  She taught me the importance of being presentable and ladylike at all times.  She is perceptive of others' feelings and struggles and excessively kind.  
  2. MamaLo is smarter than any Secretary of State this country has ever seen (I'm looking at you Ms. Rice..who I like very much). Raising six children does not come without it's fair share of wars.  Mama served as general, peace mediator, and chief of state on more than one occasion. She taught me that any situation can be solved with patience and compromise.  I didn't always get my way, but she taught how to be ok with that too.  
  3. Mama is funnier than any comedian, even Ellen.  If I ever have a downer day, one call to Mama makes it all better :) She knows exactly what to say when I'm feeling blue.  A few weeks ago when I informed her that I was having the worst day ever, she reminded me of my first day of kindergarten when I was sprayed down by the sprinklers on the front porch.  My whole perspective changed :) Whenever Mama and I talk we just laugh and laugh! 
  4. Mama is greater than any Teacher of the Year.  She is an expert in everything from baking to nuclear physics (sorta :) ).  Mama taught me my colors and how to braid my hair.  She would help me match my clothes in first grade and how to read my first words.  In high school she helped me to sort out tough decisions and situations.  As I have moved away to college she has taught me how to be sensitive to roommates and create a self reliant life.  Her wisdom never seems to cease and she truly does know everything.  
  5. My mama is the greatest cheerleader in the whole universe! She has spent countless hours sitting on the sidelines of all our games.  We would drive hours to watch my brother play soccer and she would patiently sit in the bleachers to watch me run a 2 minute race during track season.  She ran with the herds during our cross country races to provide words of encouragement during that last half mile.  She would sit in the chlorine filled air to watch my jump in the pool, do one flip turn, and get back out during my senior swim season.  None of these sports were particularly exciting, but she never missed a game if she could help.  
  6. Mama Lo gives better advice than the Dear Abby column ever has.  No matter what problem or 'crisis' I find myself up against, Mama always knows the perfect solution.  In the rare event that she doesn't, she knows how I can find it.  I wish I had known this about her earlier in my life.  She is the greatest resource!  I love that I can call her anytime and bounce an idea off of her.  
  7. My mother is more understanding than anyone.  There is nothing more comforting than walking out of an insanely hard exam and having Mama tell me that 'you can't win them all.'  It gives me the drive to try harder for the next one. 
  8. Mama is more soothing than a glass of lemonade in July.  She is able to calm me in even the most difficult of situations.  Mama is able to change my perspective to help realize that things may not be as dire as the seem.  I am so grateful that she is only a phone call away.
  9. My mama is a better baker than Martha Stewart! If you think the bakery down the street makes a mean cupcake, you're in for a surprise. She has a way with flour and sugar that could bring a man to tears and weep in joy.  There is nothing better than coming home from a long semester and finding a plate of goodies on the counter! That is love right there, my friends!
  10. Mama Lo is rock solid in the Gospel.  She taught me what it means to be a disciple of Christ.  She taught me to pray from a very young age and has been an example to me ever since.  I cherished the years that she taught my seminary class.  I was honored to attend Relief Society with her and to learn from her each and every day.  She truly is one of the most remarkable women I have ever had the privilege to know.
This is just the tip of the iceberg.  My angel mother has so many qualities and attributes that I strive to emulate in my life.  She is such a remarkable human being.  I am truly, truly blessed to be her daughter.  So on this Mother's Day I thank her for being so wonderful :) Here's to you, Mama!


My mama and I 

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