So I'm a business major :) I have spent the glorious summer of 2012 taking all the prerequisite courses.  This term it is accounting and I hate to say it...but I kind of love it.  I keep telling my friends that I love accounting but not to tell anyone because it's super nerdy, but after you've told so many people you might as well tell everyone :) I used to make fun of accounting (Mama Lo can serve as a witness to this claim), but now I get it.  There is something exciting when your credits and debits equal! Sometimes it is boring, but I think this might be my favorite class that I've taken at BYU (I know, this is extreme, but I stand by it). Accounting is the best class ever. Maybe I'll consult for Deloitte......that makes it a win-win. 

The only accounting firm with a consulting branch :) 

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