The time has come for me to purchase a new computer.  Sadly, my current one does not meet the standards of the MSM so the shopping process has begun.  Normally I perfer PCs, but many a Mac-lover have tried to sway my opinion and I must say that they have done a fantastic job. The only problem is now I have to make the decision.  I have narrowed my search to three options: 1) MacBook Pro 2) HP Pavilion dv6 and 3) Sony Vaio.  Each has their pros and cons, but I don't feel like I am any closer to picking one.  

-it looks super sleek
-great screen display/graphics
-hard to get a have to almost want it
-light weight
-retains value

-it's super hiptser
-extremely expensive
-kind of against against my code of conduct to buy a Mac

-well priced
-runs Windows
-I feel comfortable with it
-compatible with every other computer (except a Mac)

-tend to get viruses
-bulky and heavy
-does not resell well

Now I just have to make a decision.  Do I get the PC and risk a virus and lousy resale? Or do I get a Mac and risk eating my words because I swore I would never buy a Mac? I think I am willing to risk my reputation.  The pros outweigh the cons and (I hate to say it) but it is a pretty good machine.  Nothing is set in stone, but I think I am leaning towards a Mac....

Doesn't it look so good?! I'd get the smaller one (cheaper!)


  1. I was all about PC until this summer when Steve was given one for work. It is an awesome computer, I know the price is hard to chew on, but I am blown away, and turned to the "dark"side...gladly ;)

    1. I think I've been converted as well...I'm going in this week to get it :)


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