New semester-new routine, right? Before classes started I began to map out my weekly routine and realized that I just wouldn't have enough time for my normal workout schedule.  So to avoid the 'senior 17' (I'm looking at you, creamery and also fifteen doesn't start with an 's' so hence the 17) I decided to switch it up a little bit with....

SWIMMING! I was on the swim team my senior year and loved it.  Obviously it was time to pick it up again :) I've been a couple days and swam a half mile each (this is where you should be impressed) and am just loving it! There are several reasons that I now feel that swimming is superior to my regular gym/weights routine:

1) It takes waaay less time.  I crank out a half mile in about half an hour so between walking to the pool, swimming, and walking home, I'm cutting my work out time in half
2) The pools is less crowded than the gym so I can usually get my own lane or share with just one other person which is great since I usually take a friend.
3) Swimming is a full body work out so I don't have to worry about getting to every machine (which is impossible sometimes) because I can do everything all at once
4) Swimming is the best sport in the Olympics so there's a coolness factor there
5) Googles and a swim cap....another coolness factor :)

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  1. I want to come with you sometime. Teach me your mermaid ways.


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