Yesterday as I was leaving work I stopped into one of my supervisor's office, grabbed a pack of Skittles, and ran to class.  It was looking like it was going to be a good day.  As I was bouncing along, listening to the new Imagine Dragons album (fantastic!) I realized that there was a major flaw with my fun-size bag of Skittles: there were waaay too many yellow ones! Why do they even MAKE yellow Skittles?! No one likes them. The ratio of purple:yellow Skittles is always off. There's never enough purple and too many yellow.  Honestly, it's a crime.  

To deal with this dilemma I alternate between two schools of thought on how to properly get through a bag of Skittles.  
1) I eat the yellow first.  This makes sure that I end the bag on a high note (the purple).  However, by the time I eat the mountain of yellow, which is inevitably in every package, I am pretty much done with Skittles and can feel the sugar on my teeth...not good. 

This leads me to school of thought 2) Eat the yellow ones last.  This way I know I'll enjoy the purple and red ones, but I leave the situation with the after taste of simulated lemon in my mouth which I am not a fan of.  I have this thing where I can't throw half of the bag away so by the end I'm upset because of the sugar on my teeth AND because I'm eating yellow skittles. So really option two is a lose lose.  

Maybe the real answer to my problem is stop eating Skittles...or just buy the wild berry pack :) 

Notice the disproportionate amount of yellow present in this image....poor form, Skittles 

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