Last night I was talking with a friend who had been having a hard day.  She suggested that we play the 'Thankful Game' to help her feel better.  In this game you alternate between the two players saying what you're thankful for.  We began and said everything from thunderstorms to flannel pj pants.  At point I said that I was thankful for my professors.  I said it just kind of in passing, but as I was thinking about this later I realized how truly grateful I am for them.

Teaching is such a selfless profession.  My father and my brother are both teachers and they spend so much time helping others.  I remember Papa Lo leaving in the evening to go to the rescue of a student who was struggling in class or teaching the morning he broke his hand so his students would be prepared.  Papa Lo has bought books, written letters, and made countless phone calls on behalf of his students.  

I am grateful for my professors who spend just as much time on my behalf.  I am grateful that they plan lessons, hold office hours, and answer my countless questions.  It is so wonderful how invested they are in my future! I am truly blessed to be in this situation. How amazing it is to learn from these renowned scholars and teachers. The selfless sacrifice of teachers everywhere, I'm sure, will continue to bless the lives of students for years and years to come.  

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  1. What a great post, thank you for acknowledging all of your teachers/professors and sharing the passion that most of us have for our students. But I believe I need to thank my family for letting me do what I love to do because so many times it was at the expense of spending time with all of you. Teaching is a rewarding and "selfless" profession, but it is the willingness of the family to share that let's us become that selfless teacher. So I am "GRATEFUL" for my wonderful wife, sons and daughters, who loved me enough to share me with my students.


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