Another finals week has been successfully completed! Each year I go through the same routine: I map out my game plan and study schedule, order my finals (bookended by my two hardest), and disappear from the social world. Inevitably I leave my hardest final for last, which is no bueno since by Wednesday of finals week I could care less about any forthcoming exams. This year was no different. My Finance final was scheduled for the last day (thank you, BYU, for not messing with my routine). I whipped out all my other finals by Wednesday, leaving my two days to study my brains out for the dreaded fah-nance test.

I studied, I did, but not for very long and not as hard as I should have. Instead I read Harry Potter, listened to the Charlie Brown Christmas album on loop, planned a dream trip to Europe using the endless possibilites on AirBnB, altered my short list of MBA programs (I'm looking at you, London School of Economics...I mean JFK went there so it's gotta be good), ate all the food left in my apartment, started cleaning my room (and then decided that was obviously a post-finals activity), planned what I am going to pack for home, but didn't actually pack, and made numberable to the Awful Waffle.  I'd say it was a week well spent.... Plus I got A's in all (most) my I feel justified :)

The Layer...also known as the Testing Center

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