Once upon a time there was a maiden, fairest in the land...ok, just kidding. This is not one of those stories, nor is this the story about a girl name "Lucky" or about girl who cried a river and drowned the whole world. This is a story about me and my first day in the Strategy program. 

The morning started cold and grey outside. I put on my new leopard print shirt and began the brisk walk to campus. I ran to the ATM to withdraw cash for my Managerial Economics book I was buying for significantly cheaper than listed at the bookstore, bought the book, and headed to strategy. This class is going to be...interesting. I am loving the content, but it is definitely going to be a ton of work. I frantically took notes and before I knew it it was time to switch to my next class.

I went up one floor to my Organizational Behavior class. Slowly my classmates trickled in and I realized that I knew a majority of them. This semester was shaping up very nicely. Class ends, I make a quick trip to the water fountain and settled in for another hour and a half of class. This is where my day gets interesting. The professor begins to call roll and skips my name. "Weird," I think. I turn to my friend sitting next me (also in the strategy program so we just walked to class together) and ask if this is room 310. He informs me that this is room 308, meaning that I have sat through the wrong class two classes in a row.

I start trying to decide if I should awkwardly get up, announce that I'm in the wrong class, and make a dramatic exit or sit quietly and pray that the professor overlooks the fact that I failed to introduce myself. I decide on the latter and try to make myself melt into my seat so he continues to overlook me. He begins his lecture and it seems that he isn't going to notice me. It's then that I realize how great this professor is (plus he looks like Alan Rickman). So I think...maybe I should switch into this class. But it wasn't meant to be. None of the other classes fit into my schedule. So until next time, Alan. 

No joke...he looked exactly like him

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