Remember how great my first day of school was so? Well, my second Monday went just as swimmingly. I rose at the early hour of 6:45am. (I have this resolution to wake up early and get tons of things done in the far, so good.) I read my scriptures, straightened my hair, picked out a great outfit (Audrey Hepburn meets Provo...yes). This particular Monday I had something incredibly witty and pressing to tell my mother so I dialed her number and began frantically telling her my story.

At this point I am outside in the arctic weather that has become Provo's norm. Personally I think Provo is showing off with this whole winter thing, but that's a whole other post... I had left for class a little late  so I was sprinting, or at least trying to while not falling on the ice. I wrap up my story and hang up with my mother. By now I am at the McKay building, just beyond the half-way point between my apartment and the Tanner building (my second home). I am frozen, almost late, and stressed that I am going to expected to say something intelligent in class. I look down at my feet and see this....

Take a good look, ladies and gentlemen...I am wearing two different shoes. One is shiny and black, while the other is velvet and navy. In my defense, they are the same shoe, just different colors. I now have two decisions:

1) I could continue on my way to class and hope no one notices. Or if someone does notice my lack of fashion sense I could write it off and totally make a statement out it

2) I could run home, change, and be even later to class, covering up my mistake.

I decide on the latter. I know, completely unnecessary and not even that big a deal, but I just couldn't do it. I'm just a little too afraid of the fashion police, so I wasn't going to risk it. I dash home, change into boots (it's hard to make a mistake there), run back to the Tanner building, and discuss Coke and Pepsi for the next hour and a half. The rest of the day was uneventful, but at least my shoes matched!

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