Remember how it was 2012 just a few days ago? I am always amazed at how fast each year goes. I assume that a year is an eternity, but it's really not that long at all. At the same time a lot can happen in just a year. For example, this time last year I was still a pre-PA student with a science major. Now I own more pencil skirts than I care to admit and dream of Wall Street and corporate boardrooms. 

Each new year is an opportunity to reflect on the past twelve months and dream up expectations for the coming twelve. This morning I woke up in North Carolina in my mama's house and then got on a four-hour plane ride. Four hours is also a long time, especially when you're sitting right behind a screaming infant. Regardless, I spent a few minutes thinking about what I wanted to accomplish, become, and experience this coming year before I drifted off to sleep. Some are typical (cough, gym) and some aren't:

1. Swim at least three times a week
2. Read Les Miserables (since seeing the movie I am a huge fan/addict)
3. Land an internship on the East Coast
4. Keep that GPA going up
5. Write consistently in my journal
6. Go to Europe
7. Visit less bakeries (see number 1)
8. Always be in the middle of a fiction book
9. Buy a car
10. Play the piano consistently
11. Read the New Testament
12. Don't gossip
13. Budget 
14. Buy a sewing machine and learn to quilt
15. Do something scary 
16. Look for silver linings 
17. Attend the temple at least twice a month
18. Assume the best in people
19. Have a movie marathon of some sort
20. Be more involved in my ward

Spain Madrid Temple

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  1. Les Mis and no gossiping are also top of my list :)


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