Bill Cosby that is! I love Bill Cosby. If I could have lunch with anyone he would definitely make the short list. I mostly love him because of The Cosby Show. That was sitcom gold! I think I've seen every episode and I'm not in the least ashamed of it. It's full of wisdom and win.

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A few gems from The Cosby Show:


Cliff: This is not Burger can't have it your way!


Cliff: Is that what you are wearing to school?

Rudy: Yes

Cliff: Go in your room and change. You look like a fortune teller.


Cliff: I'm so smart, I'm smarter than me.


Clair: Denise, deep down, you know you can pretty much do anything you want because you know we're always there to bail you out. You see, we're your safety net. We're so good at it, half the time you don't even know we're doing it. And, your father and I accept that responsibility because we're your parents. And, you'd better not ever forget that, young lady. Because if you ever take this attitude with us again, you can take whatever is in that bank account of yours and go discover America!


Cliff (to Vanessa): Your mother and I are rich; you have nothing! 

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