This is not a post about the man of my dreams, the apple of my eye, the cheese to my macaroni, or any other epithet about love. In fact, this one isn't even about a boy. Lately I've found that I short, awkward spaces of time where I don't really have a lot to do. It's never enough time to run home, take a nap, or get any productive studying in . As if heaven knew I had idle time, I was sent a gift from above: TedTalks.

TedTalks are a collection of lectures, concerts, and speeches dedicated to spreading thought provoking ideas and inspirational messages. Typically they are given by business leaders, writers, musicians, scientists at the forefront of their field, and others at the cutting edge of their profession. I love them and watch them all the time.

One of my favorites is by JK Rowling. I mean, who doesn't love Jo? :) She gives incredible insight and talks in that delightful British accent we all love AND she's the creator of Harry Potter. It's a win win win.

There's a TedTalk coming to BYU later this know I'm going to be there!

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