Sometimes I wish I was already all-grown up. There are a plethora of reasons but one of them is because I want my own house and I want to fill it with whatever I want. The other aspect of my own house that I am really looking forward to is having my own garden. When I was little Mama and Papa Lo  had a garden. Saturday mornings were filled with complaints as we all traipsed out to the backyard to pull up the weeds that had taken residence over the week. I hated weeded as a child, but lately I've been craving my own garden; weeding seems like a small price to pay.

Some friends and I were discussing our love of gardens and found that Provo, beloved city that it is, has a community garden where you can rent plots! We immediately decided that we should rent a plot together and grow a cornucopia of veggies and herbs, including but not limited to:

-Snap peas

-Green beans








-Butternut squash

I'm excited to get planting! Let's hope we have a nice, wet summer this year :)

I am fairly certain that this garden is perfect
I am fairly certain that this garden is perfect

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