I, dear Reader, think that it's time I come clean. I've been trying to hide this for quite some time now, but I simply cannot continue to live a lie:

I am a Pinterest addict.

I know, I know, I'm just like every other BYU co-ed: Pinning away, planning the perfect wedding, decorating the perfect house, and finding the secrets to get dancers' legs. 

I have boards dedicated to recipes I will never try, clothes I will never buy, and hairstyles that will never grace my head. I'm not really sure why I pin, but I can't stop, haha. Maybe it's cathartic and maybe it's just a way to pass the time while at work. Maybe one day I will actually live in my Pinterest house (it's beautiful and I definitely wouldn't be complaining). 

This house is perfect and a taste of what you will find on my board. 

My house board is filled with white linens, wood floors, and sun-bathed rooms. It makes my Provo apartment look rather depressing, actually...

Sometimes, though, I do find things on Pinterest that I find to be useful. There always seems to be little tidbits of advice spoken by a general authority or some famous writer whose book I meant to read. There's also a plethora of travel pictures that feed my desire to see the world. My travel board is a healthy mix of places from East Asia to culture-rich Europe.

And then there are the boards that are...I don't want to say 'wishful thinking' but that's the only thing that is coming to mind. Case in point: the wedding board. Is there a female BYU student who doesn't have an oversized wedding board on Pinterest? I would venture to say probably not. So my wedding board is filled with ranunculus, burlap, lace wedding gowns, and mason jars. Who knows what my wedding will actually look like, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

Burlap and ranunculus in the same pin?!

So there you have it, Readers, my confession. I am a Pinterest addict. This addiction serves no purpose, but it's not hurting anything either so I suspect that I will continue pinning away in the afternoon sun. And please don't surmise that pinning is all I do. I promise it does not affect any 'real' things that I have to do. I save this addiction strictly for downtime. So I'll keep pinning and telling myself that when I've finished college I'll actually try some of the things I've pinned :)

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