What a crazy week this has been! It was the first full week of my internship. The week got off to a rocky start, not because of the internship but because I'm a forgetful little person. Monday was my birthday and also the first day that I was on-the-job (ie, not orientation).

Since it was a new job I wanted to make a good first impression, so I picked an awesome outfit, made sure my hair looked great, and dashed out the door so I could get there a little early. My internship is in Salt Lake. I don't go there super often so I wasn't sure where to park so I just zipped into the parking garage behind my job. During the course of the morning my boss asked if I had headphones so I could some online training. I opened my bag (I knew I had packed my headphones in purse) and my purse was nowhere to be found. I tried to keep my cool, but inside I was panicking. No purse = no wallet = no lunch = no parking.

My mind then starts working to figure out how I'm going to get out of this situation. I hadn't even realized that I wouldn't be getting lunch yet; I was solely concerned with getting my car out of parking jail. I didn't have my bankcard on since it was in my wallet and my bank doesn't have brick and mortar branches. Luckily I hadn't closed one of my other accounts. During my lunch break I ran to the bank to withdraw cash for parking. My parking bill was going to be $20 (insane!). My account only have $19. I took it all and ran back to the office.

At this point I'm still trying to figure out how I'm getting home. I figured I could leave my car overnight and just take the train home. This wasn't ideal for many reasons but kind of looked like my only option. To make this long story short, my good friend at worked swiped her card (found out later you can't use cash to pay parking) and Jarvis was free!

Needless to say, I will never forget my purse again! It makes for a long long day! So, here's to being 22 :)

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