I've decided that I'm going to go vegetarian for the summer. I'm not hard core enough to do it forever, but I had a friend who did it last summer and she said it was an interesting experience. I'm not doing it for animal rights or anything, just to switch up my diet and for funsies. Maybe I'll hate it, but I will say that my diet is A LOT more colorful now. You should see my fridge! I started last Monday and it's going well so far. I slipped a couple times, but that's ok :) I'm not perfect, right?

So far I've eaten lots of couscous, salad, veggies, and fruits. This week I think I'm going to break into beans and quinoa. I need something more filling. If anyone knows any awesome vegetarian recipes, help a sister out and share 'em :)


  1. girl, come hit me up--- I got some goodies

    1. Yes yes!! Let's get together soon...maybe to watch the Bachelorette and swap recipes :)


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