A few weeks ago I rode the front runner (the train that runs from Provo to Odgen) to get to work in Salt Lake City. As I was riding and thinking about how chic I felt taking the train to work, I realized this was the perfect setting for the world's best love story.

The front runner would be the only set--Alfred Hitchcock Rear Window style. (If you haven't seen this movie, stop whatever you're doing and go watch it right now!) So, the whole movie is taking place on the train, nowhere else.

I decided that I would have to cast the perfect actors:

Drew (because that's a super attractive name) will be played by Joseph Gordon Levitt. He's the little boy, kind of awkward cute. (I couldn't pick just one...you're welcome :) )

Picking someone to play Jane (it's that classic 'that girl could be me' name) was harder. I went through the regulars: Emma Stone, Amanda Seyfried, Selina Gomez. None seemed right. Then I thought, "Obviously...Emma Watson!" She's British, super funny, and was in Harry Potter....win win win. Although for this role she needs to have darker hair (let's be honest, this story is about me). 

Here's the story:
Drew rides the 6:20 train to Salt Lake from Provo every day to get his run of the mill job. He hates it but it pays the bills. Drew never talks to anyone; he just watches and tries to guess what each person's life looks like beyond the train. There's the doctor, the businessman, and they lady he's certain just wanders the streets every day. One day someone new boards the train: a beautiful young girl with deep brown hair.

Jane is a foreign exchange student. She's been in Provo for exactly 2.3 days. She found a job in Salt Lake as a receptionist  in a major law firm. Jane doesn't know a single person, is terribly shy, and feels super awkward. The first morning she notices Drew, but doesn't have the courage to say anything. She drops her gaze, blushes, and takes a seat on the opposite side of the train.

This silent flirting continues for the first week until Drew gets up the courage to sit next to her. They introduce themselves and talk all the way to SLC where they split ways for the day. 

This continues for a few weeks and Drew realizes that he lives for the train ride to work. (Begin cute montage during which their 'courtship' plays out) One Monday Drew boards the train and anticipates Jane's arrival, but she never comes. She misses for the next three weeks. Drew is worried, but has no way to contact her. 

During Jane's absence, another girl begins riding the train. Unlike Jane, she immediately sits next to Drew. They continue to ride with each other, but Drew knows that she'll never be Jane (because he's perfect). Jane finally returns, but sees Drew with the Other Girl (probably played by Scarlett Johanssen). It looks like Drew has moved on so Jane quickly slips away into another car, but not before Drew sees her.

Jane resists talking with him and he eventually leaves. A few commutes continue in this manner, with Jane and Drew riding apart. Drew, however, has stopped talking to Other Girl. Finally, after an excruciatingly long time, Drew and Jane finally make amends. The movie ends with Drew and Jane exiting the train, but instead of separating, they turn and walk together. 

I think I'll call it "6:20 to Salt Lake." It's original, easy to remember.

Sure it's like every other chick flick...it was a really long train ride...


  1. I think you should end it with them not getting together. That's much more romantic for me.


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