This past spring I had an awesome roommate who taught me to make bread. I used to think bread was sooo hard to make, but this is the easiest recipe ever! I make it all the time and I just had to share it :)


6 1/2 cups of flour
1 1/2 tbs yeast
1 1/2 tbs kosher salt
3 cups of warm water

(That's seriously it!)

In a gallon ice cream bucket (it really does work best!) combine the yeast, salt, and water. Mix in the flour two cups at a time until you have a dough formed. Place bucket in fridge anywhere from two hours to two weeks.

When you're ready to bake:
Heat your oven to 425. Cut a piece of dough from the bucket and form a loaf with your hands. Use the palms of your hands and be super careful not to break any of the bubbles that have developed. After you have the shape you want, place the loaf on a pammed pan and cut a few slits in the loaf (I usually do three horizontals or an 'X').

Spray the loaf with water and place in oven. Then spray the oven with water and bake for 20-40 minutes. The bread is done when the bottom sounds like a drum when you tap on it and the crust is golden brown.

If you do not want the crust to be as hard, don't spray the oven, just spray the bread.

This bread is perfect for dipping in oil and basalmic vinegar or with honey butter and jam! Enjoy :)

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  1. so glad you make artisan bread!! isn't it just the best :)


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