Saturday, July 27, 2013

the one about college

Remember when you were little and you would think, "When I'm in college I'm going to do everything my way?" Well I'm in college and I don't do anything I thought I would do:

I'm going to stay up all night long every night!
I go to bed around 10:30. Eight o'clock class comes super early! A girl needs her beauty sleep!

I'm going to eat ice cream for breakfast!
I'm lactose intolerant. Plus ice cream that early makes you feel gross--that's why they invented yogurt :)

I'm going to sleep until noon everday!
See the first statement :)

I'm going to wear my pjs everywhere!
Since this is not socially acceptable, I wear real clothes.

I'm going to drink straight out of the milk carton!

I will never call my parents!

I'll skip class all the time!
Skipping class stresses me out, so I don't do it :)

Needless to say, college is not anything like I imagined it. And, don't tell my parents, but they were right about EVERYTHING! I go to sleep early, go to class, do my homework, and eat right....

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