Remember when you were little and you would think, "When I'm in college I'm going to do everything my way?" Well I'm in college and I don't do anything I thought I would do:

I'm going to stay up all night long every night!
I go to bed around 10:30. Eight o'clock class comes super early! A girl needs her beauty sleep!

I'm going to eat ice cream for breakfast!
I'm lactose intolerant. Plus ice cream that early makes you feel gross--that's why they invented yogurt :)

I'm going to sleep until noon everday!
See the first statement :)

I'm going to wear my pjs everywhere!
Since this is not socially acceptable, I wear real clothes.

I'm going to drink straight out of the milk carton!

I will never call my parents!

I'll skip class all the time!
Skipping class stresses me out, so I don't do it :)

Needless to say, college is not anything like I imagined it. And, don't tell my parents, but they were right about EVERYTHING! I go to sleep early, go to class, do my homework, and eat right....

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