As I was driving home from work on Friday, one of my dears friends shared with me on of the gems of this world: wikihow. You can learn to do anything on wikihow. To demonstrate, I've picked a few favorites:

  1. How to Cycle Around Your Town or City (For Girls)
  2. How to Dress Like a Gangster
  3. How to Make a Paper Pyramid (um, where has this been my whole life!)
  4. How to Play the Accordian #AmericasGotTalent
  5. How to Make an Emergency Lane Change (for pre-trip jitters)
  6. How to Collect Pokemon Cards
  7. How to Create Circular Bubbles While Diving
  8. How to Comfortably Travel Around South America 
  9. How to Feel Awake in the Morning
  10. Finally, for those fellas on the Provo dating scene: How to Charm a Lady

There it is: Everything you will ever need to know...probably. 

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