Now, lest you think I'm pulling an Usher, which I'm not, this is a post about things about me, unbeknownst to others. I always think it's interesting to learn hidden treasures about others, so why not do the same for myself?

  1. I read the Harry Potter series at least once every summer...every page.
  2. I shot a clay pigeon out of the sky on my second try.
  3. Downton Abbey is my all time favorite show. (Maggie Smith should star in every show)
  4. I pass out almost every time I give blood.
  5. I hate having people go up or down stairs behind me (a relic of brothers chasing me up the stairs as a child).
  6. I was on my high school swim team my senior year and was for sure the slowest person on the team. Love it anyway.
  7. The Bachelor/ette is my guilty pleasure and I get waaay too emotionally attached.
  8. I sing obnoxiously loud when I drive, much to the embarrassment of my baby sister.
  9. I regularly eat popcorn for dinner.
  10. I started listening to Christmas music on October 2. 

Well there ya go, ten little known facts about yours truly!

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