Have you ever had an experience so amazing you think to yourself, "This can't possibly be real life?" I have: Israel, the first time I road a roller coaster, every midnight premiere of Harry Potter. Yesterday I was blessed with another is-this-really-happening experience.

Josh Bell, the world renowned violinist, played at BYU last night. To say that it was phenomenal would be the understatement of the year! He was absolutely captivating. It was almost as if the audience was holding their breath during each movement. He played three beautiful pieces:

  1. Tartini's "Devil's Trill" Sonata
  2. Beethoven's Sonata No. 10 in G
  3. Stravinsky's "Divertimento"
The Beethoven piece was my absolute favorite. It was soft, lyrical, and felt more like a conversation between the violin and the piano. (His pianist, Sam Haywood, is an equally accomplished musician.) My favorite part was the expressive way Bel played. His connection with the music brought the pieces alive, making the concert all the better. 

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