Have you ever played the game desert island? You know the one. "You're trapped on a desert and you can only bring five movies. Go!" While in college I've developed another version and have been playing it with friends for years.

Here's how the game goes:
What five people, dead or alive, would you have lunch with? 

  1. You cannot choose religious persons from your religion.
  2. You do not have to have lunch with all five people at the same time.
  3. You may choose people from the same 'genre' for all five people if you wish (e.g. all actors).
I love this game! It is so interesting to see who everyone else chooses. My Lunch Five is constantly changing, well not constantly, but it does change often. I have a solid two that always stay and the other two to three fluctuate. 

Here are my five:

Claude Monet
"Claude, you're my favorite artist. Tell me, where did you find your inspiration?"
I love love love Monet's work! They way he plays with light is so enchanting. 
Lunch: The Gardens at Giverny and a mountain of macaroons  

Julie Andrews
"Ms. Andrews, let me personally apologize for NBC's remake of your iconic role." 
Julie Andrew is the epitome of class and grace. I don't think I've seen a film of hers that I don't like. It broke my heart when she had surgery on her vocal chords, leaving her unable to sing like she used to. 
Lunch: Los Angeles Botanical Gardens

Kate Middleton
"Kate! I have a state dinner next week; could I borrow that Jenny Packham dress you wore to the BAFTAs last year?"
Middleton is my style icon! She brings elegance and class to a modest wardrobe, which is extremely commendable. Plus, Kate and Prince William are absolutely adorable! And her hair is to die for. 
Lunch: Kate's kitchen at Anmer Hall

Martin Luther King, Jr.
"Dr King, your letter from Birmingham Jail changed me life. Can you tell me more about it?"
The picture of strength and poise, Dr. King has always had my utmost respect. This amazing man changed the lives of thousands and fought an unfair system with words and peaceful protests. He is one of the most admiral men. 
Lunch: A perfect lunch would also include Nelson Mandela and some fine Southern cooking. 

Bill Cosby
"Mr. Cosby, where did you buy your sweaters? I want them all."
Bill Cosby is one of the most hilarious people to walk this green earth! I would love to talk about the Cosby Show, his parenting style, and his sweaters. 
Lunch: A swanky restaurant in Midtown, NYC. 

So, who are you going to lunch with?


  1. So which two always stay the same? These are all great choices by the way. :)

    1. MLK and Julie Andrews always find their way onto the list :) Kate has been pretty consistently lately though haha


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