I love holidays. I have this idea in my head that I shouldn't do homework or anything like that on holidays. MLK day was no different for me. I slept in late, wore my pj's for most of the day, and then headed over to Katie's for an afternoon of cinematographic gold.

I watched Gone with the Wind for the first time when I was about eight. I was home sick (I think) and Mama Lo popped in it and we settled in for a long afternoon of Southern delight. I absolutely love this movie. Katie had never seen it so it was fun to watch her reactions. I forgot how childish Scarlett is throughout the whole movie! I'm still not sure what Rhett sees in her. I know they're the same and everything, but still, c'mon, Rhett.

Speaking of Rhett, Clarke Gable is such a fox! Scarlett should have snatched him up that first day at Twelve Oaks. Sure Ashley is the epitome of the Southern gentlemen, but seriously, Rhett Butler is kinda a cool guy, just saying. I also forgot how sorry I feel for Ashley. (Spoiler alert, but hey, this movie has been out for like 80 years.) The ending scene where his whole life is crumbling around him is just heart wrenching. Ugh, it's so sad!

And then there's Melanie. The only decent one of the bunch. The perfect lady and most compassionate character to ever be put on film. None of them deserved her.

So that's what I did for the bulk of MLK day. I love...love this movie. My friend suggested I read the book, so it's first on my list after graduation. Book review to come.

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