Book review time!

Remember my New Year's Resolution to read two books every month? I am well on my way. I stayed up until 1:45am yesterday (yeah, it's a problem) to finish a spy novel yesterday. I just couldn't put it down! I only have one week to read another, so hello, long nights!

I read The Prince of Fire by Daniel Silva this month. In one word, it's amazing. The Prince of Fire is in a series Silva writes about an Israeli spy/hit man/intelligence officer. It's not the first book in the series, but you don't need to read them in chronological order to understand what's going on; he does a great job of sprinkling in the important details from earlier books.

The Prince of Fire is about the aftermath of a terrorist attack on the Israeli embassy in Rome. Gabriel (the main man) is retired from his espionage days, but is brought back in to get to the bottom of the attack and track down those responsible. From page one this book is non-stop. One more than one occasion I had to force myself to stop reading so I could get some sleep!

Aside from the fast-paced action, another highlight is definitely the vast array of locations described in this novel. Silva traipses Gabriel all across Europe and the Middle East in his man hunt. Having been to many of these places, I simply ate it up.

Overall, it was a fantastic read. It's quick, easy to follow, and packed with adventure--a modern-day Indiana Jones if you will. I recommend it if you're looking for some easy reading.

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