Another week, another book. This time I read The Westing Game. I remember having to read this book for school in sixth grade and absolutely loving it. It's one of those where you're the only person with all the clues and you have to try to figure it out before the end. It's Clue on steroids.

Even though I had read it before, I couldn't remember it all so I tore through it; I'm talking like 48 hours here, people. The way the author puts the whole story together and absolutely draws you in is amazing! I couldn't do anything else while I read this book. I slowly pieced together the clues and guessed right (does it count if I've read it before?....maybe)! One of the best books I've read in a long time. Super fast read; pick it up!

Beware to all who dare play the Westing Game.....

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