It is official: I have booked a ticket to Prague. The first I heard of Prague was when I was about twelve. I went through this phase where I watched Samantha Brown's Passport to Europe everyday after school. I'd come home, make a sandwich, and settle in for an hour of glorious travel. I only remember bits and pieces from a handful of episodes, but Prague stood out for one reason: Samantha bought a huge strudel for $1.50. I was sold--I had to go there. Now that I am older I still am going to Prague for the strudel. Sure I'll see other places, but the dessert is my first priority.  

I've only recently begun researching Prague because I wasn't sure that I was going. Prague is one Europe's hidden treasures, I think. I only know a handful of travelers who have it on their bucket list, let alone have actually have gone. Prague is beautiful, though! I am so incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to go. 

Prague has many of the classic European sites: castles, museums, shopping, etc. I am definitely going to do all of these things, but I am also going to take advantage of some of the unique things that Prague has to offer:

  • John Lennon Wall
  • Prague Jewish Museum
  • Prague Castle
  • St Victus Cathedral
  • Charles Bridge
  • Ghetto Museum
  • Golden Lane

Prague has a wealth of palaces and castles. I only have a few days to spend in Prague and it's going to hard to choose what to see!

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