Is it kind of weird that when I decided to go on another study abroad one of the highlights was getting a Kennedy Center backpack? I got a backpack for Jerusalem but it wasn't one of the nice Dakine ones that I had coveted since I got onto campus. A backpack is an important part of international travel and I was not going to be robbed again! Having a BYU study abroad backpack is almost a status symbol on campus; it's entrance into a secret club. This year BYU got new ones and they're amazing! They 'sold out' faster than Kate Middleton's engagement dress but I was able to snag one. I love it. It is an obnoxious orange but has a zillion pockets, is made of canvas, and has a leather bottom--all of which are ideal for heavy travel. So watch out, Europe, my backpack and me are coming.

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  1. Europe will definitely see you coming!


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