This is Bern. I'm going there. This looks like something straight out of fairytale! I'm not flying in so I won't get this amazing view but I'm ok with that. The itinerary for Switzerland is still pretty fluid. We're going to the temple for sure but that's really the only plan that has been made. The group is going to be right in the Alps so hiking is also a high priority. A friend told that I'm so close to Interlaken that it would be a crime not to go. 

This is Interlaken...I could probably be persuaded to go here. Actually, I really want to go here. Again I reached through my foggy memory and vaguely remember another Samantha Brown segment on this Swiss treasure. I guess I owe my entire itinerary to Ms. Brown. Has anyone ever been to either of these places? What else should be on my list?

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