This morning I woke up at four a.m. to take my roommate to the airport. As I was driving home light was just starting to peak over the mountains, making them this beautiful backlit mass on the horizon. I started to realize how much of an attachment I have to Provo. I knew that I would miss all of my friends and family when I left, but I never thought I would miss Provo itself.

I moved to Provo five years ago. My aunt and uncle dropped me off at my dorm and the square mile that is campus became my life for the next little while. These past five years have been some of the hardest, most challenging, beautiful, and magical of my life. Provo has witnessed me change as a person.

As the days tick down to when I move I am a little less annoyed by the potholes in the road. I don't mind all the pedestrians I have dodge when driving to Katie's or the obnoxiously long street lights. Instead I embrace each of these as part of Provo's personality. I am nervous about moving away from this place and closing this chapter of my life; it has been one of the best and it is hard to say goodbye, but at the same time, I'll always have a little bit of Provo with me and take it wherever I go. 

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