Day two in Prague was fairly relaxed. Katy and I had a whole list of things we wanted to do and see and some we managed not to do a single one. We are still baffled at how that happened...

A major thunderstorm rolled in right after lunch (which consisted of duck and homemade pasta--amazing!). The weather went from sunny and breezy to wet and thundery (?) in a matter of minutes. This was one of those storms that is angry; one that is not the least bit enjoyable to walk around in and renders your umbrella useless. We took shelter in a nearby cafe where we ate too much ice cream and watched other tourists scrambling for cover. As we watched people on the streets we began casting people into roles in a romantic comedy. It was an interesting experiment to make up the backstories to people I'd never met; it made people watching even more interesting. 

During this time I also pulled out my pen and jotted down some thoughts. I forgot my journal at home, a decision I am greatly regretting, so I found an old receipt and wrote on the back. There's something romantic about writing on scraps of paper in a cafe. It seems that almost every great novel starts that way. People watching has an interesting way of giving me the urge to write. I think this practice makes me very introspective and causes me to reflect on my own life. Some of my very best writing is done while I'm observing others coming and going. I wonder why that is; interesting, though. 

Eventually the storm dissolved into sunny skies again and we resumed our shopping. I found an amazing pair of shoes that will be starring in the rest of my pictures. We headed home kind of early to pack up our suitcases and get ready for the morning bus/train rides to Stuttgart. I am amazed how quickly our suitcases exploded. Looking at our room you would have thought that we had been there for a few weeks. We finally got everything packed though and prepped for our early morning. 

I'm now on a bus rolling through the Czech Republic. We've hit another summer shower that is covering the tops of the hills in a light fog. I think I will have a lifelong love affair with rain. I love the way it gives a softness to everything it touches and makes all of the colors come alive. Listening to my Spotify playlist of subdued songs makes this a perfect moment. If I could bottle this moment into a vial and take it with everywhere I would never be unhappy. I love driving through new places. It gives me a sense of wonder as I see new places up close for such a long period of time. Driving gives me the chance to see the 'hidden' moments of a place, little things like how they irrigate their fields differently. You would never see that from inside the city. 

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