Sorry for so many posts in one day! I've found that if I don't catch up on blogging quickly it never gets done. So, enjoy the abundance of posts :)

Today was our first day in Prague. I have heard time and again how beautiful this city is and I was not disappointed. If I had to pick one word to describe Prague it would be enchanting. This city is so colorful and full of beauty that I can't help but stand in awe of it all. Today we spent most of the day walking around and soaking in all the Bohemian goodness.

We trekked up to the castle and worked our way to the Old Town Square. We found this lovely park along the way that had a labyrinth of mirrors which was interesting/stressful. I am extremely claustrophobic so this wasn't the best combination for me. There was a beautiful rose garden as well that we walked through. For lunch we stopped at this little cafe and had traditional Czech goulash. If you're thinking noodles and tomato sauce (which is what I was thinking), you would be wrong. I was brought chunks of beef in this dark brown sauce and dumplings, aka soft white bread. It was delicious, just not what I was expecting. I was also able to fulfill a lifelong dream of having strudel in Prague. Right before I bit into it I was afraid that I had built it up to much in my mind. It was AMAZING. I could live on that stuff. 

Katy and I spent the rest of the day wandering, which is my favorite way to explore a city. We met some amazing people and found some hidden gardens we wouldn't have seen otherwise. All in all, it was a perfect day. 


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