What a perfect end to an amazing day! For dinner Katy and I headed up to her aunt's house for a family get together. The power of family is so amazing to me. Even though they were not my family I felt right at home. Dinner was a traditional Norwegian: lots of bread and fish. After eating we talked for a while and walked around the property. Her aunt lives right next to the sea and the views were stunning! 

After coming back home, our hosts took us for a drive. We finally have nice weather so they wanted to show us more of the area surrounding Stavanger. We drove south to run an errand and then out to the beach. We didn't get out and walk around since we are going surfing tomorrow (yes, you read that right) but continued up to an old church. This church was built around 1100 AD and is still being used. The church sat up on the hill overlooking the valley on side and the sea on the other. The location could not be more perfect! The sun was setting and the whole area was bathed in golden light. I think I could have stayed there forever. 

Next we drove to a memorial right on the sea. The memorial commemorates an accident on an oil rig that left more than 100 dead in the 80s. The statue is right out on this rocky point that offers beautiful views of the surrounding sea. We arrived just after sunset so the sky was this wonderful mixture of pinks, oranges, and reds. I walked down on the rocks to dip my hands into the sea. The water was so cold! As I stood and looked out over the water I had to pinch myself. It still does not seem real that I am in such a beautiful place.

This post is also kind of a picture dump...sorry!

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