I have romanticized the idea of traveling Europe by train. It always seems like all of the classy ladies in the old movies traveled by train. Katy and I scheduled a night train since the journey to Stavanger is about 8 hours long. The time on our tickets was in military time and we interpreted the time wrong. We thought our train left at 11:30pm, but it was actually 10:30pm. Our host asked us about our train at 10pm and I decided to check the ticket. It was then that we realized our mistake. 

We threw our stuff into our bags in record time and dashed out to the train station. Our flat was a ten minute walk from the station which isn't too far, but it was terrible with our bags. We were literally running through the streets of Oslo with our huge bags rolling behind us. We drew some interesting looks from the locals. Our trek was finished in record time and we made it to the train with a few minutes to spare. My heart rate was through the roof. Between the sprint and the stress of possibly missing our train my heart was stressed. We settled into our seats and tried to sleep. The sun stays out super late and comes up really early so it was hard to sleep, plus we had no room to stretch out. I woke up around 5am to watch the countryside roll past. I tried to take pictures, but there were so many trees up close that my camera wouldn't focus properly so no pictures. Trust me, though, it was the most spectacular train ride ever. 


  1. Rayna Samples21 May, 2014 10:10

    Whew! I'm glad to know you made the train. And yes, get used to military time or the 24-hour clock. Glad it was a nice ride, nonetheless. :D

  2. Angela Lopez21 May, 2014 14:28

    It was a miracle that we made it! I've already consigned myself to the fact that I need to convert everything :)


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