Jet lag: It's a real thing. I had this mega-fantasy that I would I would escape its perilous jaws, but, alas, here I am at 6:30-ish wide awake and writing a blog. It's 11:30am in London-town, so naturally my body thinks I should be out touring or royalty-watching. (Wow, so many hyphens!)
My trip back was a whopping 24 hours yesterday. I knew that it was going to be the longest day of my life, but I was hoping that if I stayed up the whole time I would get home and just pass out, sleep for a normal amount of time, bounce back, and laugh in Jet Lag's defeated face. The joke's on me people: I did not come home and pass out. Instead I stared at the ceiling for 45 minutes before falling asleep and woke up a measly 5 hours later. (Also, spelling is way hard when your jet lagged. Like, waay hard.) No one else is awake so I guess I'll catch up on some Jimmy Fallon and mentally prepare to be obnoxiously tired as I go white water rafting today, because isn't that how everyone gets over jet lag?
PS. I edited soooo many pictures on planes yesterday so I'll be backtracking the last few weeks of my trip!
PPS. Here's what I was listening to on the plane, mostly on repeat. They don't go together, but that's ok.

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