I cannot believe that I have never made lasagna until yesterday! Dad and I cook together when I'm home from school so I asked him to teach me to take lasagna :)

We turned on the Italian Dinner playlist, featuring the likes of Dean Martin and Andre Bocelli, and got to work. Pops usually makes lasagna the day after we have spaghetti and uses the leftover sauce, which is exactly what we did!

Don't our lasagna guts look amazing?! We added some zucchini and spices (the secret is a little bit of thyme) and cheese and then put it all together. 

Dad spouted the secrets to lasagna while we worked. My favorite had to be that good lasagna starts with wearing socks with sandals. An old wives' tale if you ask me :) 


  1. Well, Angela, there are plenty of old wives who are wonderful cooks! I see a correlation with this said tale...

  2. Well, there are a lot of old wives who are wonderful cooks! I believe I see a correlation with this tale....


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