Since I've graduated I sometimes wonder if I would still choose business if I were a freshman again (not that I chose business as a freshman). Somedays I think I would have, and others days it's a definite no. While at Oxford I listened to lectures on everything from the Church of England to Kafka to Roman humor. I found them all fascinating; I couldn't soak up the content fast enough and found myself wanting our lecturer to continue for another hour. So, while I'm glad I majored in business, here are a few others I might try if I were to do it again:
English Literature: You just read all the time! Preferably I would do this at Oxford because students there read like 10-15 books every week, but I'm not picky. Seriously, if I could find a job where I am paid to read, gold. I would love it.
Graphic Design: As my parents will attest, I had plenty of trouble picking a major and at one point Graphic Design made the short list. I love good design and am addicted to typography. Would this make me a good graphic designer? Probably not, but this is just a wish list, remember?
English Language: This may seem redundant from the lit major, but it's definitely different. I recently started a book about JRR Tolkien and how he created Middle Earth and the Lord of the Rings. I was shocked to learn how much of the story was based around the evolution of the English language and its Nordic roots. It was fascinating! Hence, English Language makes the list.
History: The majority of lectures at Oxford began with a historical background of an author, a time period, an organization, etc, which I found just as interesting as the content matter we would move on to discuss. There are so many rich stories in history! Some are heartbreaking, others are funny, and some are just bizarre. I liked them all. Plus, I realized how much more I enjoyed visiting places when I knew more about their history; it enhanced the whole experience. Definitely pro-history
Art History: I love art. I think it's totally rad. I love everything about it and I wish I knew more. Maybe I could give tours at the Louvre or the d'Orsay after I graduate.
All in all, I think I majored in what was right for me, but sometimes it's fun to think about what I'd choose if I did it again. What would you major in if you re-did college?

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