I resisted becoming a Spotify premium user for as long as possible. Why? I have no idea. It's only $5 per month for students, so really there is no excuse. This morning, as I was lying in bed and trying to muster up the will to get out of bed, I discovered the Genre/Mood section of Spotify. Most Spotify-ers probably discovered this day one, but some of us take a little longer. But, holy cow, I am in LOVE! They have a playlist for everything imaginable. I clicked on the "Travel" mood and this is just a taste of the playlists I found:

-Evening Commute
-Beach Day
-Summer for Hipsters (I don't know how this qualifies as travel, but I'm in)
-Drive Through the Mountains
-TransAtlantic Lullaby (Love this one--I totally subscribed)
-French Holiday
-Hit the Slopes-Beginner (There is also an advanced playlist)
-Paris M├ętro 
-Cleared for Takeoff 

There were easily 50 more playlists just in Travel. And the other genres (some favorites: Country, Romance, Dinner, Focus) had just as many! I think I am in heaven. I hate it when I get tired of all the songs in my library, but that won't be happening any more! 

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