Fall is the best of all the season. I absolutely love this time of year. I was walking to lunch a few days ago and some of the leaves were starting to turn yellow! To say that I'm excited would be an understatement. 

Side note, is it just me or does everyone have this urge to read Harry Potter everyday during the fall? Like, they just go together! 

Ok, back to the post: The best part of fall is dressing for fall. This is my all time favorite season to dress for. I love scarves and sweaters and gloves and jackets. Just all of it. Here's what I've been thinking of in terms of my fall closet: 

Quilted Vest: I have been dying to find a good quilted vest. I've never had a vest before but all of a sudden I can't live without one. I don't get it, but I'm embracing it. I'd really love a hunter green one because I've convinced myself that it is THE color for fall. I love this one, but it's a million dollars so that probably won't be happening. 

Sweater Cape: I am kind of loving the sweater-cape trend. Maybe I should be talked out of it though? I can't decide, but I sort of love it. It just looks so cozy! And isn't that what fall is about? Sweaters and hot chocolate? I love both of these (found here and here):

Boots: Lately I've noticed a huge gap in my wardrobe: waterproof shoes. You would think after five Utah winters I would have gotten it together, but it never happened. I've decided that I want something that can transition nicely into winter. You know, two birds, one stone. So I'm thinking wellies of some sort. I have been coveting Hunter boots for the longest time but I just don't know if I can swallow that price tag! 

I also really like the LL Bean boot too! Ah, so many sartorial decisions.

Sweaters: Can you ever have enough sweaters? I think not. I was killing time before dinner with a friend yesterday and found this gorgeous Fair Isle sweater at the Gap: 

I think I'll have to own that, but maybe in the darker color. 

Anyone else stocking up on great fall finds? 

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