Now that I fancy myself a grown-up, I do grown-up things like listen to podcasts. I think I have become my mother (said with love, not disdain). NPR is a pre-set in my car and I subscribe to several of their podcasts and this is my podcast-listening face:

It all started with a book. I read Freakonomics and could not get enough of it. I scoured the internet for another shred of Freakonomics and found the authors had a WEEKLY podcast. It's been downhill from there, folks. I think I have this fear that I'll be boring at dinner parties so I need to fill my brain with witty and relevant topics to pull out at any moment. Currently I'm subscribing to the following:

Dinner Party Download
Any coincidence that this is one of the first I subscribed to? I think not. Basically these two witty guys provide an hour filled with interesting news, history, and pop culture appropriate for a dinner party. This one is a gold mine.

Freakonomics Radio
This was my initial descent into Podcast-land. Every but as good as the book. One of my professors at Oxford mentioned a book this podcast spent an hour discussing and all was right in the world.

Stuff You Should Know
This podcast is an eclectic mix of everything in the universe. I need to know how Play-doh and Pinball works. Basically this is how I'm prepping for my run on Jeopardy and it's pretty great.

Stuff You Missed in History Class
I dig history; I think it's pretty awesome and this podcast fills the void in college education that is history. How else would I know about the discovery of longitude? See what I mean...I need this podcast.

This American Life
The be all, end all of NPR podcasts. You never know what you're going to get with this one and I kind of like it that way. It's the wild card of the week.

Good Job, Brain
If I ever win a pub quiz show, I will have this podcast to thank for it. Yesterday I learned that the car that had the most cup-holders ever had 17 of them. So next time I need a fun fact you know what I'm going with!

These are my podcasts. They're free, funny, and fulfilling. I would recommend any of them in a heartbeat to anyone. I listen while I get ready in the morning. You know, start the day off with some pop culture or whatever :)


  1. "one of my professors at Oxford"....listen to you, smarty pants. We miss your smarty pants!


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