Every now and then I find myself with a free Friday night. When I first got to college plan-free Fridays used to stress me out, but now I cherish them. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy going out with friends or whatever, but I also like just cozying up in my bed with a good movie or great book.

So, what are the best movies to watch on a Friday Night In? I've got a few go-to's that are guaranteed to make it a perfect night! 

Pride & Prejudice 
I must admit that I'm partial to the Kiera Knightley version (heresy, I know), but the soundtrack is so dreamy! Plus, I think Matthew McFayden is just the most handsome Mr. Darcy. When I have a sick day, though, I do indulge in the six-hour BBC gem because it's Colin Firth and I love Colin Firth. 

The Importance of Being Ernest
I just recently saw this movie and it is already one of my favorites. Based on the Oscar Wilde play, this film is hilarious! Like, hold-your-stomach-and-gasp-for-breath hilarious. And it has Colin Firth in it too :) And Rupert Everett. Double win! Be warned, however, that Reese Witherspoon's accent is less than authentic. 

Of all 90s romantic comedies, Sabrina is far and away my favorite. It's witty, charming, and full of spectacular parties. The opening monologue is some of my favorite movie lines ever written. And Harrison Ford's character is named Linus which I think is an awesome name. 

Downton Abbey: Series 2
Now, I recognize that this is not a movie, but an entire season of a show, the perfect show. I LOVE Downton Abbey and firmly believe that Series 2 is the best. In this season we see Matthew and Mary's relationship come full circle and end in happily ever after. Then there's Tom and Sybil. Ah, it's all so good! Definitely worth binge watching. 

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
One of these is not like the others. Every now and then my Friday Night In includes some of my guy friends, so you have to cater to their tastes too. The Two Towers is my favorite of the trilogy. The Helm's Deep battle is amazingly done and there is some great humor in it at as well. Also, I totally watch this movie alone so don't feel like you need to reserve it for you big movie nights. Own it and watch it alone, ladies.
The Three Musketeers (1993)
This is one of my family's all-time favorite movies. I think we quote it at least once during every phone conversation. I fully believe that Tim Curry is the greatest villain ever to live and should not be allowed to die so he can continue to make movies until the end of the time. Also, the script is brilliant. Watch it. Love it. 

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