Today I indulged in some retail therapy. Two days of classes is hard work!

My day started at Ikea. I have been slowly putting my room together and finally got around to putting up some pictures today! When I was about 10 my parents took us to DC and I bought the classic WWII sailor kissing poster and, yes, I still have it and today I framed it.

I have been in desperate need of a ironing board lately, too (not as exciting, I know). Since Ikea is king of small space living, I found the perfect ironing board. You can hang it in your closet when you're not using it! Genius!

I also bought a little house plant because every house should have something green in it. From there it was to the mall. I have been looking for the perfect pair of black pants and today the universe smiled upon me and delivered the most perfect pair of pants. Apparently I need petite pants for my short legs?

I've been meaning to find a mirror for my room as well. My apartment has this beautiful pedestal sink but it makes doing my hair and makeup in the morning nothing less than a well-timed dance. Today, however, my dance ended with this gem from Target:

Also, why are mirrors so expensive? Along with all my goodies for my house I also bought a whole slew of makeup products, but more on that later :) It was a good haul for one day!

PS I think I'm at Blogger to stay!

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