I finally took another trip down to DC and it was fantastic! Seriously, I love that city.

I started my trip at the temple. The Washington DC temple is so beautiful! It was such a perfect morning. The temple is always so peaceful and I had the place to myself which was a wonderful surprise. 

After the temple a friend and I grabbed some dinner in the city. He suggested a place called Founding Farmers. This place was out of this world! I must have said how delicious my food was at least twenty times, but that's how good it was!

I ordered this amazing rotisserie chicken and the best sweet potato I've ever tasted. For dessert an amazing bananas foster milkshake and beignets were brought to our table. I've never been so full and I couldn't stop eating! Seriously, if you're in DC you should definitely go there. I didn't take pictures (sorry!) but I stole a few off their Facebook page.

After dinner we dashed over the Jefferson Memorial. I've been to DC several times but had never made it to this memorial. Looking back, this was a major oversight. I loved it! I think it might be my favorite. The Jefferson is a little off the beaten path so it's less crowded than other memorials. The main portion of the memorial is filled with these wonderful quotes about freedom and deity. The memorial has a reverent feel about it that is just perfect.

On the lower level of the memorial is a collection of Jefferson's other pursuits and interest. I had no idea that he was so involved in the sciences and arts. I stumbled on this quote there and loved it (sorry for the glare!):

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