These are my parents (and sister):

My mom and I are best friends. We talk all the time and spend countless hours window shopping when I'm home from school. We talk about everything; just a few weeks ago we decided that her tombstone would say "Mother to the Well-Read." See, we talk about everything. She's not afraid to tell me when a skirt looks awful on and I tell her when she's being too nerdy. It's an open and honest relationship.

Since I've moved to Baltimore, our conversations have become more frequent. The transition to the East Coast has been more difficult than anticipated. Our conversations have been less about tombstones and art heists and more about how to see the silver lining in all situations. (She's way better at the silver lining thing than me.) Despite all the tears and frustrations that come with moving to a new place, Mom has managed to keep me laughing and chugging along. She's good at stuff like that. In the past few weeks I've come to a greater realization of how blessed I am to be her daughter. I think she's pretty rad. 

Pops and I are close too. We usually plan pranks on Mom that never come to fruition. They become pretty elaborate sometimes, but they're all in good fun and consist of moving the furniture from the upstairs to the downstairs while she's on business so her bed is in the living room when she gets home. But that's a lot of work, so we just imagine what would happen and go on our merry way. 

After I moved away to college our regular phone conversations started up. Dad's just the most supportive guy in the world. It doesn't matter what crazy idea I come up with, he gives the ol' pep talk and starts to cheer from the sidelines. It's been such a relief and comfort to know that I've got support from Pops no matter where I'm going. I call and decompress all the time and he supplies to fuel to keep going. Plus he's got a never ending supply of funnies. He's a hoot, that guy. 

So, yeah, I've got the best parents in the world. They're the best cheerleaders/cooks/conversationalists/supporters/silver-lining finders/friends/builder-uppers a girl could ask for. I'd say that I'm pretty blessed.


  1. What a blessing to have such wonderful parents! I'm glad you have them to rely on!

  2. Seriously, they're the best! Plus they're hilarious which is an added bonus!


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