I miss my roommates.

These ladies are some of my favorite people in the world. Our apartment seemed to be the center of the universe (at least to us). We had so much fun together and had our quirks. (Between the five of us we went through 7 jars of salsa each week--it was impressive.)

Since it was my senior year, I was pretty stressed a lot of the time. To help us all cope with school we made our own stress reliever: 5 minute dance parties. One of us would call for the dance party, queue up 2-3 songs and the dancing would commence. For whatever reason this is one of my favorite memories of college: dancing around my apartment in my leggings and oversized sweater to Nikki Manaj with my roommates. Our songs would end and we'd quietly retreat to our rooms like nothing had happened. It was a good system. 

I highly recommend the 5 minute dance party. Here are some quality tunes to add to the playlist:

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