Over the past few weeks I've noticed that I've been wasting far too much time watching Netflix. It's not anything out of control, but it's a problem nonetheless. And it's not that I just sit at home and do nothing but scroll through Netflix and watch seasons at a time. It's been on in the background, but, let's be honest, it slows my homework down and has killed my LSAT studying almost all together. So I decided that something has to change.

Hence the Anti-Netflix Experiment. (It's really the Anti-TV Experiment, but as Netflix is the primary culprit, it gets the name.) For the next two weeks (at least) I am cutting out Netflix, Hulu, and everything else in that category. I need to get that time and focus back and this is going to be my first effort in the process. The one caveat is that I am 'allowing' myself to watch new episodes that air during these two weeks. Balance in all things!

I'm interested to see how my time, productivity, and focus changes during this time. I'll post periodically about my thoughts on the experiment and all things related. Happy disconnectivity! 

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