Do you ever feel like you just want to hit the restart button? You know, get a do over or something?

Well, this lady sure does! And this weekend I headed to the Lopez Family Homestead for just that.

So what's a weekend at the Lopez House like (and yes it's a proper noun)? Well, hold on to your hats.

First, there's lots of cards.

My grandparents love to play cards and we regularly stay up waaaay beyond our bedtimes. We all bend the rules, so you've got to be careful. One the last night I was home I needed to go to bed early so we had to cut the card playing short, but Dad skunked us three rounds in a row! 

There was also some football involved this weekend.

Since I was heading south I didn't think I would a parka....wrong! It was so cold! Normally, it's whatever, but it was Family Weekend and the parentals volunteered to help with the tailgate. So we piled into the car, set up shop, and checked families in. The fun twist was the weather: It had to be below freezing and our frozen fingers stopped working. We couldn't slip the name tags in the plastic holders for the life of us! 

Eventually we warmed up and headed into the game. I didn't know the fight song which significantly impaired my cheering abilities. So I settled with shaking my pompom when everyone else cheered.

The rest of the weekend was filled with laughs and a whole lot of relaxing. I didn't do one stitch of homework until the last day and it was perfect. It's always good to hit the reset button. 


  1. The Lopez Family homestead is gorgeous. Wow.

    Playing cards with the Nelsons is so different - they are extreme to the max rule followers. One of them, usually my husband, has the rules right next to them at all times so they can correct any mistakes they see. It's hilarious.

  2. Thanks! We love it :)

    It would be interesting to have our families do a joint game night! Pandemonium would ensue I'm sure.


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