Can you believe that Thanksgiving is on Thursday?!

I don't know about you, but I am so excited. In just a few hours I head to north to that glorious city that is Boston for food, family, and fun.

So, what's the secret to a perfect Thanksgiving? You're in luck. Welcome to The Commentary's Official Thanksgiving Guide, as determined by my alter ego, Margaret Stewart, and me.


Thanksgiving dinner: the most celebrated meal of the whole year. Turkey is a given, but let's not forget the potatoes (mashed, obviously), the stuffing (is this eaten at any other meal?), the cranberry sauce, and the green bean casserole (the star of the whole production if you ask me). If you're at the Lopez House there will be some sort of Jell-O dish. It's become something of a tradition. And make sure you have some sort of delicious drink. A cracking recipe can be found here. Lastly, homemade roles are a crowd favorite. Mom makes the most drool-worthy rolls! Pull them out of the oven right before dinner so they'll still be warm.


Yes, I made dessert an entirely different category. At our house, if you don't have at least four desserts, you've done Thanksgiving wrong. Pumpkin should make an appearance here; whether it's a pie or some sort of dessert bar, it should be there. I also think a fruit pie should be in the line up. Who doesn't love pie, ya know? Two great options can be found here and here

If you're not a pie person, then Thanksgiving is perfect for a jellyroll, a pan of fancy brownies, or a spice cake. If you really don't want to bake (houses never have enough ovens, am I right?), a hot chocolate bar is a great dessert table alternative. 

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

There are mixed ideas about this world famous parade. I recognize that it sometimes interferes with the hallowed tradition of Thanksgiving football, but I stand by my decision to include it on the list. I've watched the parade every year since I was like five. There's something so festive about it! Turn it on and have it in the background while you're baking all those desserts.

Board Games

Another Lopez tradition has made it onto the list. After we've finished dinner, but before we've broken into the dessert table, we pull out our favorite board games and settle in for a marathon. Thanksgiving is all about family so what better way to celebrate that kicking each other's butts at board games? Our favorites include Scattergories, Loaded Questions, Crainium, Trivial Pursuit, and Wits & Wagers.

Charlie Brown

Sadly, this one is just an Angela tradition and not a Lopez tradition. I love Charlie Brown and watch the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas specials every year. ABC Family always airs them so tune in for family fun and amazing music.

Hallmark Christmas Specials

Perhaps the most important item on this list. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the Christmas season. So in between mouthfuls of potatoes, head over to your DVR and set it up to record all the Hallmark Christmas movies for your daughter who is still away at college.  

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