It's week two of Five Things Friday and I'm only one week behind :)

This week was so good! And these are the top five things that happened:
  • I FINALLY finished my sewing project from forever ago. I took it home for the break and still didn't finish it, but it turned out nicely.
  • I was accepted to law school! I'm still waiting to hear back from several schools but at least I got into one and I'll be going in the fall!
  • I rediscovered my love for country music and have been listening to George Strait and the like all week long. 
  • I got tickets to a Walk The Moon concert down in NC which means I get to go home in a few weeks AND go to a concert with my baby sister. Win-win!
  • I drove in the snow and didn't crash Jarvis. I've been stressed about this for weeks so it's definitely going down as a win.

PS--The playlist I'm currently addicted to:

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