Holy cow! Another week has flown by! Where does the time go?!

Seriously, I feel like it was just Sunday! I guess that's a good thing though? Anyway, another great week for the books. The middle part was kind of a drag, but I think that was mostly due to the loooong hours of class. No biggie.

  • I got to spend some QT with one my great friends from the ward and we spent the majority of our time talking about The Bachelor (hello, guilty pleasure!)Is anyone else tuning in this season? If so, I'd love your thoughts. Who's your fave? Who is the best for drama? 
  • My new Moleskin planner came in the mail! Some people take their planners very seriously! Hence the picture. I wish I could tell you that mine was that beautiful inside. Instead mine has things like call the dermatologist scribbled in the margins--snazzy.
  • I started a new book and I am tearing through it. It's called Love, Rosie. It's written in letter format which is an interesting departure from prose. It's a good read, but be warned there is some language. Just edit it out in your head like me :)
  • Pops had a birthday! Naturally I called him and we talked about me the whole time. Isn't he the best?
  • Trivia night! To celebrate my law school acceptance, some classmates and I decided to get our behind's whopped at trivia night. Tons of fun! There was a whole category on 70s and 80s music--we got like five right, but the host gave us two pity points. 
Not a bad week, eh? How was yours? Any good highlights?

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